Gran at Mark and Kay's wedding

I have been in Oklahoma’s aging network for the past 6 years, doing everything from case management to supervising a senior help line to being part of Oklahoma’s Special Unit on Aging.  My background is in direct social services and my passion is interviewing older people face-to-face to help them find services and resources so they can stay independent, active and involved in their community. My desire is share inspirational stories about people who aspire to age well as well as  provide information about evidence-based health programs, services and resources to help  people make positive choices to age healthfully.

One of the things I love about working with older adults is listening them retell details of their lives, the choices they made and why, and the diversity of their experiences.  When I first chose to go into social services, I was very interested in child development.  Young children each have their unique personalities, but they are very similar in their developmental stages, both physically and cognitively.   Take the same set of youngsters and look at them in their seventies, they will have a lifetime of unique experiences and a lifetime of making choices that shape their personalities.  Personal choices shape our lives.  Some of the older people I have interviewed are cautionary tales, others give inspiration to aspire to  goals, many are a combination of both. I hope my stories inspire you to age positively.


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